Friday, February 09, 2007

Stargate SG-1

I just realized this is a great show. Mcgyver is even in it. Best thing is that it plays out in the near future, thus you can actually pretend to live the Stargate life, of fantasize about it. Pick up some dvd box of it, there's plenty of episodes to watch, with about 10 seasons. Obviously the first seasons are the best. Notice how Mcgyver actually grew old in the picture above.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

analogical x-perience erotica fair

That John Legend is good at making beautiful songs for making of love. Here's an acoustic version of "Stay with you". The original is one of the highlights on his first album (Get Lifted),
along with "Refuge" and "It Don't Have To Change". But that's an old album now (04') and his new album "Once Again" i haven't listened much to, but it lacks all the friendly lovely sounds presented on the first one.

John Legend - Stay With You Acoustic (zShare)
John Legend - Stay With You Acoustic (UploadHut)

About love... the maker of the most sexual music is without a doubt D'Angelo. He has not released an album for 7 years. Probably because the quote for how sexy music the world can handle was filled with his album Voodoo. Get it and make love to songs as "Send it on", "Chicken Grease" and his wonderful cover of "feel like making love".

D'Angelo - One Mo'gin (zShare)
D'Angelo - One Mo'gin (UploadHut)

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